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About us

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Posters’ shop «Post-Art»

Posters’ shop «Post-Art» was founded in 2006 in Moscow. It is an online poster site allowing russian-speaking people from all over the world purchase their favorite humorous images in a good quality and funky posters in a large, full-color format. All posters shown in Gallery are an exclusive authors’ works and are made in Russia. «Post-Art» is dedicated to bringing customers the best selection of humorous posters and art prints in Russia and all over the world.

Apart from the fact that you can get humorous and funky posters you can also buy funny congratulatory posters, complimentary posters and order to print cool posters you drew by yourself! This service (an order to print your picture) requires a good quality file with your own design or illustration.
In the nearest future we are going to print the new humorous designs, new collection of wedding posters, New Year's posters, posters for birthday parties and other festive posters.
Besides, we offer you to order the caricature of your friend, relative or colleague. This work will be done by the professional russian artists specialized on comics, cartoons and caricatures.

The prints are brilliant in color, printed from the original art files created by «Post-Art» artists and illustrators. There is no a better gift than to present several of our funny posters to your relative, friend or colleague.

Make your home or office walls smiley today! Our funky posters can do it!

Former compatriots from Israel, Germany, France, USA, Australia and other countries buy our funny and cheerful posters to make their offices brighter and more colourfully. For russians abroad it’s more pleasant to watch posters with russian texts, russian slogans, to look at posters which are drawn by russian artists and designers. Russian posters are a piece of Russia, a piece of russian humor and the reflection of nowadays life style.

Children of russian immigrants also often visit our hospitable site and make presents buying humorous posters for their relatives. Some people from russian-speaking communes and russian diasporas buy funky posters for each other as gifts. It’s very easy and safely to do shopping in our poster’s shop.

We print posters using qualitative sorts of the papers and professional equipment. Print is realized on modern colour plotters HP Designjet 4500PS and HP DesignJet Plus 500PS. This equipment is an ideal system of the colour print for technical applications, with big capacity of the presenting/acceptance for automation of the print processes, as well as with possibility of the large powered scan/copying.

These plotters combine high productivity, uncompromising poster quality and “intelligent” printing solutions that simplify workflow and allow unattended printer operation. Adaptable to varied work environment, this range of printers support multiple ink sets and a wide range of media and new production print modes, enabling users to generate ready-to-sell, large-format documents efficiently. This printer series comes with key productivity enhancements that are designed to meet high volume, professional quality commercial large-format printing needs.

We provide producing and printing of posters on enameled paper of such formats as А1 (594mm х 840 mm), А2 (420mm х 594mm),  A3 (297mm х 420mm). The density of dull paper is 180 g/m2 and the density of glossy paper is 200 g/m2.

Our posters and services produce high-quality, attractive finished products at a reasonable price. We guarantee your security, your privacy while buying posters and the quality of our products.
We use the Electronic Payment System
ASSIST, which help us to make confidential information transmission from a customer to ASSIST server for further processing.
The security of payments in ASSIST are ensured by SSL protocol.
The further transmission of information is carried out via closed banking networks which are practically impossible to penetrate.
Additionally we will secure your private information. When you shop at
http://www.post-art.ru/, our secure server encrypts all of your personal information, including name, address and other personal information.
The personal information we get from you is used to realize faultless and quick delivery of posters you’ve chosen to your place or fulfil services you’ve ordered.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Under no circumstances do we rent, trade or share your e-mail address with any other company for their marketing purposes without your consent. We use your personal information for internal purposes such as processing and keeping you informed of your order. You may, from time to time, receive information from us about new features, new posters and services and special offers we think you'll find valuable.

We look forward with pleasure to receiving your response, idea or business offer!



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